Welcome to 2Excel Training

AT-3 with our first new PPL, Tom Checketts

2Excel Training provides pilot training to the highest standards as a Civil Aviation Authority Registered Training Facility. Located on the historic Sywell Aerodrome, itself in the pretty rolling countryside midway between Northampton and Wellingborough, the clubhouse overlooks the airfield and all its activity.

2Excel Training are equipped with classrooms and briefing rooms complete with all of the necessary equipment and training aids..

2Excel Training have full access to the predominantly grass airfield, licensed by the CAA for training, with a hard runway for all-weather use, meaning we can operate throughout the year.

We are certified to train you for your Private Pilots Licence and if you already have your licence we offer the Night Qualification and aircraft for you to hire. We also offer Tiger Moth trial flights, and where better to enjoy this classic vintage trainer than from an aerodrome that first saw Tiger Moths being used to train pilots back in 1932?

A great sport for some... a great career path for others

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